Photobooth Rental FAQS


In fact, if you find another company that is offering lower price of the same package that we offer,
please send us a message and we will gladly price-match..


Where do you rent your photo booth?

We rent out our photo booth in 60-mile radius from our home office, Clarkton, NC.

Locations including but not limited to, Wilmington, Fayetteville, Lumberton, Whiteville, Leland, Southport, Ocean Isle, Tabor City, Chadbourn, Clarkton, Elizabethtown, White Lake, Lake Waccamaw. ++


How about locations beyond 80-mile radius of your office?

We will charge an extra $150 for locations over. (Max 80-mile radius away from Clarkton, NC)


How much do you charge for photo booth hourly rentals?

Please check our Pricing Page for any specials and current prices. Rentals start at $365.00 for Basic Package. Other packages can be found here.


Are you available on our event date?

Please check the Calendar or contact us for available dates. Our calendar is updated once a week, if you see blank or (Not Final) on the date you wish to book us, please e-mail us immediately to reserve.


How much do you charge for photo booth day long rentals?

We do not offer all day rentals.


What is your deposit?

$200 Reservation fee. The balance is due four weeks prior to the event.


What type of payment do you accept?

We only accept Visa, Discover, Mastercard, and American Express via PayPal.


Do you charge extra for set up of your booths?

No, we will arrive early to set up the booth and then take it away at the end of the event. Hourly rate doesn’t start until the event’s starting time or at first use.


How long is set up?

It takes 30 minutes to set up.


How many sessions does your booth take per hour? How many pictures does your booth take per hour?

Each session is different. To give you an idea, we have had a Basic Package rental where guests used the booth nonstop and it yielded approximately 80 sessions.


Do we get unlimited photos during the rental period?

Yes. Unlimited to the capability of our machines for the duration of your rental.


I have 200 guests at my wedding, how many hours should I rent the booth for?

I recommend 3 hours (Mid-Package) for photo booth rental. If there are 200 guests, the odds are, they will be going in groups/couples. There will be guests who will go in twice or three times in the photo booth. Three hours will be plenty of time to have all 200 guests, going in parties/groups and using the photo booth.


Our reception venue is on the side of a mountain. To get there you need to go up 100 steps and across a swinging bridge. Will that be a problem?

Our booths are portable and we can easily set it up wherever you want us to set it up. We will not charge extra if we have to cross a swinging bridge, as long as there is a paved walkway before and after that bridge, we’re good!


How much floor space will the booth take up? 

4.5 x 5.5 feet. We need an open area where we can set up the photo booth. For a diagram, please check HERE.


How many guests will the actual booth accommodate?

It fits 3 comfortably. The more the merrier, right? We have seen more than 10 people in the booth. The back curtain can be left open where more people can be in the picture from the outside of the booth.


I’ve seen some companies that need a separate table for a computer printer and notebook computer, which seems to take up a lot of space. Does your company require that?

We do not require an extra table. Our photo booth looks and performs similar to the photo booth kiosks you see at the mall, when it is all set up, the computer and printer part of the booth is enclosed.


How long does it take for photos to be posted on the internet? Will it be on Facebook?

Two weeks or less. Yes, we retain the rights to the images for use on our website and advertising materials.


Can we get a copy of the images taken by the digital photo booth on a disk?

Yes. Your rental includes a Photo CD of all the photos taken in our photo booth during your rental, regardless of the type of package you booked. The Photo CD will be mailed out two weeks after your event.


Are there other options for how the photos are printed?

Photos from the booth can be printed in black and white or colored. You and your guests have the option to choose that feature when you use the booth.


Do we get custom template design?

Yes. Your template design will be completely customized. Within the contract, there’s a note section where you can write down the colors that you’d like to be on the template. You can also email us images to base upon your template design. If you’d like to see sample designs, click Design Templates from the menus above.


Can we use our own background curtain?

Absolutely! What we have available is black and gray background curtains. If you wish to use your own background, make sure it is at least 4 feet wide and 6 feet long.


We would like the outside of the booth to be a certain color to match the theme of our reception/party/venue is this possible?

No. Our photo booth only come in black and it has a white decal on both sides with the word, “Photobooth” on it. We chose to keep the traditional look of our photo booth as it is uncommon nowadays to find one that actually look like a booth you would find at the arcades or at the mall. Our photo booth is classic and it’ll easily match any type of event.


Will there be someone to help my guests use the booth?

Yes. In every rental, we provide an attendant. He/She will answer any questions guests may have.

If you choose to have a guest book for the photo booth photos, he/she will arrange them during the event.

He/She will be by the photo booth if supplies need replacements.


How much will it cost to deliver the booth to my event?

No delivery cost if you are in the 60-mile radius of our home office. (Wilmington, Fayetteville, Southport, Whiteville, Elizabethtown) There is a $150 fee for locations over 60-miles from our office in Clarkton, NC. (Max 80 miles away.)


What does the photo booth set up look like?

Our photo booth  is our pride and joy, it looks like the traditional photo booths that you may have seen from the movies, at the arcades, or at the mall – we love it! It is simple and it is classic. Despite the traditional classic look of our booth, the images are taken with high quality camera and it is printed on long lasting paper with our dye-sub printer.

This is the best of both worlds! With the classic look of our photo booth equipped with the latest electronics, you are sure to enjoy our photo booth at your event!


Are props included in our rental?

Yes, props are included. Hats, glasses, mustaches, boas, and many more! We will choose which ones to bring, randomly.


I am ready to book, what do I do now?

Be sure to check if your date is available from our Calendar. Then, please send us a form via Contact Us page.


I have a question, you didn’t answer in this FAQ section!

Please send us a form via Contact Us page.